With Friends Like Pat Robertson…

If Intelligent Design proponents– Michael Behe, for instance– were serious about wanting ID to be considered a science, they’d tell people like Pat Robertson to shut up. After all, when he makes comments like “I’d like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don’t turn to God. You just rejected him from your city,” it really ruins the argument that God isn’t a part of the ID mix.

After all, in a recent interview in the Guardian, Behe clearly states that “all that the evidence from biochemistry points to is some very intelligent agent. Although I find it congenial to think that it’s God, others might prefer to think it’s an alien – or who knows? An angel, or some satanic force, some new age power. Something we don’t know anything about yet.” To the question “you’re not reinserting God into the mix,” he clearly says “no, we focus simply on the observation of design. We don’t say the designer is God.”

If that’s the case, why should God destroy Dover over the results of an election like this? The answer is clear: only if ID is the fundamentalist Creationism in a scientists clothing!



  1. Yep, spam sucks, but I don’t want to have to turn on comment moderation or verification!As to Pat Robertson, everyone knows he’s crazy. But are the ID people all like him? I doubt it.BTW, if “God” really is the God of Pat Robertson, he deserves to be kicked out of the schools for being a grumpy, vindictive, self-obsessed old man. Rather like Pat Robertson. Of course, I don’t think “God” really is like that, but that’s another post….


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