Ken Clarke and the Tories

If Ken Clarke wins the Conservative leadership contest I will join the Tory Party.

Yes, you heard it here first. Ronan will become a card-carrying Tory.

Is Ken Clarke the Messiah? No. Are his tobacco-company proclivities a little on the dodgy side? Yes. Is he really an “ordinary bloke”? Not on your life. But in poll after poll he comes up as the public’s favourite candidate and the Tory for whom they would be most likely to vote. So it’s obvious really: if the Tories are serious about winning the next election they will choose Clarke. If they are happier with a Tory ideologue and couldn’t give a damn about winning, they’ll choose another Hague/IDS/Howard clone.

I’m not writing the cheque just yet. The Tories seem likely to continue their suicidal streak.



  1. Being a long-standing Lib Democrat supporter I for one hope Mr. Clarke does not win. The resultant effect on my beloved Lib Dems could be catastrophic! Hope the Tories elect Duncan Davis.I have not yet written a self-congratulatory comment on our wonderful, conclusive Ashes victory! So, I raise my orange juice in a vicarious tribute to our cricketing heroes! A good time to be an Englishman in Australia!One further comment…although it is many years since I lived in the UK (last ward in which I was active in was the Oxford Ward in the latter seventies..I think the Bishop was a schoolteacher named Alan Webster), it seems to me that our Church is (point-for-point) stronger here in Australia. True, there are significant numbers of Polynesians esp. in Sydney and Brisbane, but should any returned missionary with experience of this phenomenon care to comment I would be interested.


  2. Jonathan,I think it must be intolerable at times to be a Brit Down Under. Enjoy the moment.(If you want to guest post about LDS-Aus on United Brethren shoot me an email.)


  3. Not a comment on this post, really, but I had to let you know how excited I was to get your recent comment. Outstanding, man!! It’s such a pleasure to see you with your shaved head and a red-headed son. It has been <>such<> a long time, and though I found a few comments by you on the web (there are only a few Ronan Heads, after all), I couldn’t find a way to get in touch. I’ll make sure to post as often as I can.


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