Graffiti on the West Bank Wall

The BBC has a collection of pictures of graffiti that have sprung up on the Israeli security wall that encircles the West Bank.

This one is the work of “Banksy,” a British “graffiti artist” who says that Israel is “the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers.” If only all urban graffiti was as interesting as this one

(Mr. Bansky, who identifies himself as an “art terrorist,” has a website that showcases his skills and catalogues his pranks, some of which have to be seen to be believed.)

Last summer I saw The Wall for myself on a trip to Bethlehem. The disruption that it will cause Palestinians is obvious; Israelis counter that it is the necessary price of security. I’ll stay out of that one, but will admit that I found The Wall strangely alluring in the way only a 12m high stretch of concrete can (perhaps it is my Wolfsonian concrete fetish) . Whether the graffiti adds or attracts to this, I leave up to you.