Mission accomplished (sort of)

How wonderful C-span is, that whilst CSI fights the ratings war on primetime, I can watch the British election in my pajamas here in suburban Maryland.

The British electorate are a savvy lot. We recognise that Britain is doing pretty well domestically. We don’t like scary politicians like Michael Howard. Therefore, we seem to have returned a Labour government.

But we wanted to punish Tony Blair at the same time, to wipe that smirk off his face, to remind him that unbridled arrogance and evasiveness will not be ignored. So the Labour majority is greatly reduced, which will hopefully result in a more honest Parliament.

I voted Conservative. They needed to hold seats like mine in order to take some seats from Labour elsewhere. Kudos too to the Liberals who have also given New Blairbour a bit of a beating.

Hopefully the Tories will find themselves a more moderate leader. What’s Chris Patten doing nowadays?