Dear George

Mr. Lucas,

I’m delighted and angry at the same time.

According to all reports Revenge of the Sith sounds fantastic. Truth is, we’d all take “pretty good” as long as it was better than the monstrosities that were Menace and Clones. At last a Star Wars film worthy of its own legend. No more Jar Jar! No more petulant teenagers! A grown-up movie to satisfy those of us who thought Empire was your finest hour.

And yet….

According to one reviewer the new movie is “a bloodbath”. The adult in me is delighted, Kill Jedi Volume 3 here we come! But the father in me is worried. My son goes to bed humming Star Wars tunes. He’s 5. He loves Star Wars with every bone in his little body. Is he going to be devasted by Sith?

You are on record as having said:

“A lot of people are saying how can you do this? My children love these movies. Why can you not let them go see it?”

“But I have to tell a story. I’m not making these, oddly enough, to be giant, successful blockbusters. I’m making them because I’m telling a story, and I have to tell the story I intended.”

Fine. Great. But if it isn’t for kids, why are the toy stores full of new merchandise? Why are you clearly trying to get kids to buy your stuff. If it ain’t a kids movie, why suck them in?

It’s mean. We’re taking Jacob anyway, because we have to. But I’m hopping mad about your bait and switch: “Look kids, here’s cute ol’ Jar Jar. Whoosh! Now have a singed and mutilated Anakin.”