I Love George W. Bush

No, I haven’t been locked in Room 101;

Yes, I am still teetotal;

No, I’m not hoping the FBI is reading this (I’m an alien you know; they are watching me);

Yes, I am worried that the same people who brought us “There are WMD’s, trust us”, are now bringing us “Social Security is going bankrupt, trust us.”

But after tonight’s State of the Union, how could you not love George Walker Bush?

The man is a genius. Unstoppable. A visionary. He really, honestly, truly could go down as one of the Great Presidents. I’m at a loss for words.

Now, understand: President Bush has produced one of the greatest examples of Bait and Switch the world has ever known – “here’s the WMD…swoosh! It’s all about freedom!” But who can grumble about that? Genius! Who wasn’t choked up seeing the Iraqi woman with the ink-stained finger embracing the mother of the fallen Marine? Who is not delighted that Iraq is free? And no war = no elections, therefore war = good, and George W. is a hero.

Democracy in Iraq. Wow. All because of George and Tony.

I love George W. Bush.

War is peace.



  1. I have to admit to not watching it. I stopped last year (I have an extremely low tolerance to spin). I do, however, love listening to Mr. Blaire (public speaking skills are an brilliant benefit from parliamentary government) – c-spans coverage is great.

    I really, really, really hope that things work out for George. The world would be a better place. We will just have to wait and see though, won’t we? 

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  2. I’m conflicted, moreso after the SoU address than before.


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  3. May I just say that Hollywood could not have rewritten history more jarringly than GWB, Jr.’s closing comments 

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