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Now this is what I like to see.

Patton, 42, pleaded guilty this week, a day into the first of an expected four trials, admitting even to 43 offenses that had been dropped because they were too old. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 68 years in prison — longer than his plea bargain required — and fined $2.5 million for 135 counts of rape, kidnapping and burglary.

“The deal was for 50, and he asked for more,” defense attorney Terry Sherman said. “He made a statement that he doesn’t deserve to ever get out.”

Taking responsibility is something our society has lost sight of. This rapist is correct in his statement that “he doesn’t deserve to ever get out.” Frankly, he doesn’t deserve to own testicles either, but that is a different argument.



  1. Don’t suppose you’re going to watch < HREF="">The Woodsman<> then? In the Middle Assyrian laws, sexual crimes were sometimes punished in a more literally talionic fashion: if you buggered someone, then the elders of the city would bugger you.

    Chemical castration?

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  2. I was thinking along those lines. Lex talionis is the way to go for such serious, permanent crimes as murder and rape. The Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, but castration can be done humanely, with no pain, in a very sceptic way. Of course, I say this all tongue-in-cheek, because such a punishment has no chance in our society. So the real focus of this post was the fact that this rapist is taking responsibility and asking for more time in prison for his crimes.  

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  3. Somewhat difficult to reverse surgical castration if you find out the conviction was a mistake. There’s also the argument that rape is primarily a violent, not a sexual act, and the tendency to violence remains.

    I would certainly perform castration in a “sceptic” way, as you say. In the sense that I’m not convinced that it would work. 🙂

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  4. This is America Phil: shoot now, ask questions later. As for castration: as Alexander would tell you, a eunuch’s sexual ability is not utterly diminished. I think jail will do. 

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