Comedy as Tragedy

Why are Britcoms acceptable PBS fare? Have you seen “Keeping up Appearances”? It is Married with Children/Roseanne, shows that would never have been broadcast on PBS. I realize that our Britcoms are several years old by the time they get here, but what is it about the British accent that makes stale sitcom idiocy (“Are you Being Served?”, I am looking at you) somehow more intelligent or prestigious (the sterotype about itself on which PBS survives)? I feel like often we are being fed the slops that the BBC no longer wants and saying “Please sir, may I have some more?”.

Why? Can’t we at least get decent BBC shows like “The Office”? And can we stop telling ourselves that 70’s era BBC is the height of network comedy?

Thank you. Ranting complete.



  1. Most of the stuff shown on PBS has not been shown on British TV for at least a decade – longer in the case of Are you Being Served. So yes you get the slops! The only exception is The Vicar of Dibley. It’s still in production, so they’re more likely to be newer, and it’s a very funny show! 

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  2. You only get the old crap because PBS is too cheap to buy the new stuff. I’m afraid you’ll have to get BBC America.  

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  3. But the British accent RULES! The BBC could sell to PBS a show wherein a Brit reads the PHONE BOOK on air and I’d watch it. I’d even laugh at its genius. Crazy, but true!

    So take advantage before we all catch on… 

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  4. Exactly my point! What is wrong with us? Why if someone with an English accent told us a crazy dictator was looking for Uranium in Africa, we’d probably believe that too!

    Oh ye British con men, Come to America. We seem to be ripe for the plucking. 

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