I am pleased to announce the arrival of Phil to the headlife community, which brings our blogging contingent almost up to strength.

Phil doubles the British presence on this Anglospheric blog, but more importantly he also doubles the amount of bloggers here who were born and bred in the weird and wonderful town of Malvern, and educated at Dyson Perrins Church of England High School (the crap school in town).

Once upon a time Phil was a tax advisor, but now has an MBA. He speaks Welsh. Welcome, Phil.



  1. After such an introduction, I should reply, I think. I’m still a Malvernite, but I try to escape from time to time which explains why I am writing this overlooking Lexington Avenue in New York. So I get reasonably regular infusions, or infections, of Americana to balance the inherent Britishness of my outlook.

    It’s also worth pointing out that our host was best man at my wedding. I have not yet had the opportunity to return the compliment about the underpants.

    It’s nice to be here. The blog, not Lexington, particularly. 

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  2. Welcome Phil! I think we all look forward to some more from the British perspective– perhaps with some Welsh Words of the Day (or Week, if you like alliteration) sprinkled in… 

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