America’s College Football Disaster

For a variety of reasons, the UK has no collegiate sports tradition. Or at least, not one that garners the kind of attention that the NCAA gets here in the US. Two sports in particular rival the professional leagues in their popularity– basketball and football. (Surprisingly, NCAA baseball gets little press.) But while NCAA basketball’s Final Four is a hype/money-generating machine, all the Powers-That-Be over on the football side seem to generate is controversy.

Yes, once again our absurd two-team championship playoff means that a handfull of other schools will be on the outside looking in when it comes to determining this year’s champion. The reasons why this “BCS” system is flawed for determinging a champion are too numerous to discuss (Ronan likes things short and sweet here at Headlife). Sadly, though, it’s clear that champion-determination isn’t their goal. Instead, it’s about making money. And until you get massive fan boycott regarding these over-hyped special BCS games, they’ll continue to make money and the “series” will go on.

Oh well– there’s always March Madness…



  1. Could not agree more Lance. The BCS is just a travesty and there is no excuse. I think, and hope, that enough momentum is building to generate a change. 

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  2. Collegiate sports in the US are a bigger deal than in the UK because:

    1. US colleges are awash with cash
    2. With such a huge country, 30-odd pro teams just won’t reach all sport lovers
    3. Colleges are farms for professional players
    4. Collegiate sports are more stable. Just ask Californian fans of the LA Rams 

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  3. Arguably, Utah getting into the BCS system is a good thing for it because it makes an otherwise mediocre Fiesta Bowl interesting. That said, every year something happens that I am sure will be the death knell of the BCS (an undefeated Auburn not getting to play for the title being that thing this year) and yet nothing ever changes (although I think it is likely that they will drop the Big East’s automatic bid after this year and make it harder for non-BCS conferences to get in; change for the worse is constant). So, I have given up. Nothing will ever make sense in college football. 

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