Blessed are the peacemakers/Bhopal

The news from Israel that Marwan Barghouti is running for Palestinian president is disappointing. The best hope for peace in the Middle East is for Mahmoud Abbas to be given a strong mandate as we know that Sharon and Bush are only prepared to deal with him. Barghouti is in jail for heaven’s sake! What can he hope to accomplish? Listen to Mubarak and stand down, Barghouti. Remove your ego from the fray.

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the toxic gas leak at Bhopal, India. 3,000 people died on the night of the disaster and at least 15,000 since. U.S. owned Union Carbide agreed to pay $500m in compensation, but the Indian government has been criticised for not properly distributing the money. The BBC has a documentary called “One night in Bhopal.” Depressing stuff.



  1. I heard about this on the radio. However, I mist have missed that Union Carbide was US-owned. For some reason, I thought that UC was traded publically on the NYSE and was, indeed, one of the Dow Jones. Am I wrong, or is a g’ment-owned company trading stock? 

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  2. eh? is there a touch of sarcasm here, Mr. Lancer? 

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