Bush in Canada/A Neocon speaks

I spent the summer in Jerusalem dorming with two Canadians. Nice, well-educated, fun blokes. Apparently their country is so irrelevant, however, that Mr. Bush is only now making his first official visit. I’ve met many Americans who do in fact dismiss Canada as irrelevant (if they even think about it at all), which is a shame as we could all learn a thing or two from the Canadians. Their standard of living is better than ours for a start. Anyway, the President is not going to speak to the Parliament in Ottawa for fear of being heckled.

On an unrelated subject, BBC radio interviewed [1] Mr. Neocon, Irwin Stelzer, today. For those of you who think Neocon=Satan worshipping virgin sacrificer, I commend the interview to you, not least because he does a good job explaining his position to a puzzled/hostile audience. He has a new book out called, amazingly, Neo-conservatism. It includes a piece by Tony Blair. Stelzer was also interviewed by Tim Sebastian of the BBC’s Hardtalk. Do become acquainted with Mr. Sebastian–he is the best interviewer on TV (watch also his unbelievable interview with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal).

[1] Skip forward one hour on the stream.


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