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May I turn Headlife’s attention to the Lincoln Plawg an interesting, similarly transatlantic blog (politics and law from a British perspective (hence Politics LAW BloG)). Mormon Headlifers may be interested in this post, “The incipient Mormon police state…” Keywords include: totalitarian, erect nipples, “banging the Bishop”, Talibanisation, Brave New World. Go show Mr. Smith that he has only scratched the surface of Danite justice….



  1. With keywords like this, the most reasonable thing to show Mr. Smith is that you are utterly unaware that he exists. 

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  2. I have given that anti-Mormon bastard a piece of my mind. 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>< HREF="" TITLE="john dot fowles at gmx dot net">john fowles<>


  3. He could have (and likely would have) said similar things about similar events in a predominantly Southern Baptist area, if such had been in the news. It is conservative religionists he is after, not Mormons per se. Like < HREF="">Krakauer<>, he doesn’t understand the scope of his own accusations. He is just picking on Mormons since he believes they are an easy target, when his real beef is elsewhere. 

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