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May I turn Headlife’s attention to the Lincoln Plawg an interesting, similarly transatlantic blog (politics and law from a British perspective (hence Politics LAW BloG)). Mormon Headlifers may be interested in this post, “The incipient Mormon police state…” Keywords include: totalitarian, erect nipples, “banging the Bishop”, Talibanisation, Brave New World. Go show Mr. Smith that he has only scratched the surface of Danite justice….


3 thoughts on “Lincoln Plawg

  1. With keywords like this, the most reasonable thing to show Mr. Smith is that you are utterly unaware that he exists. 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>< HREF="" TITLE="schulzke at byu dot edu">Eric Schulzke<>


  2. I have given that anti-Mormon bastard a piece of my mind. 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>< HREF="" TITLE="john dot fowles at gmx dot net">john fowles<>


  3. He could have (and likely would have) said similar things about similar events in a predominantly Southern Baptist area, if such had been in the news. It is conservative religionists he is after, not Mormons per se. Like < HREF="">Krakauer<>, he doesn’t understand the scope of his own accusations. He is just picking on Mormons since he believes they are an easy target, when his real beef is elsewhere. 

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