Britain: a nation ‘in grip of drink crisis’

I am a teetotalling Mormon, but I can understand the desire for a bit of social drinking and a nice glass of wine at night. There is an aspect of alcohol that I will never have empathy for, however: binge drinking. According to a report in the Guardian, Britain’s drink problem is out of control.

It’s not just city-centre yobs on a Friday night after the pubs close. I remember well the first day of an internship I did with a top City law firm a few years ago. There we all were, the best (allegedly) that the British university system had to offer. The lady who gave us the orientation, after going through our programme for the next two weeks, assured us that we would have plenty of time to “get pissed”. Everybody laughed except me. The British “gotta get pissed” mentality is very depressing, and it’s one thing I’m worried for my kids about.


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  1. It’s not just the Brits– various groups talk about the US problem as well– especially on our college campuses. I often have trouble accepting the statistics of various anti-drinking groups, however, since they define “binge drinking” such that even Mrs. Lancer, who never drinks except for the occasional glass of Emmets Irish Cream at night, as a binge drinker when she does so several nights in a single week. If she’s a binge drinker, then I’m President.

    Anyhow, it’s a problem, but I don’t know what to do. I can say that Adam and I do regularly go out and get our fill at the bar, or sitting at home, or whatever, and have somehow managed to avoid run-ins with the law. That other people can’t suggests that other problems might be present… 

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