Even better than the real thing?

On the international football front, Salt Lake is getting it’s very own MLS club, Real Salt Lake (pronounced like Real Madrid).

My question is: Is the best way to drum up business in the US for soccer to pretend that your team is a form of some other more famous foreign team? I am also looking at you, D.C. United.

Isn’t this just a way of admitting that your sport will only appeal to people who are familiar with it in a non-US context? What should MLS do to try and bring more people to the sport here? Surely, if we can watch hockey, soccer cannot be beyond us.



  1. Hey John– I was thinking the same thing. What’s next– FC Tulsa? Houston 06? Of course, the faux European names are better than some of the ones selected thus far: The Chicago Fire? Ugh. Dallas Burn? Sheesh. Hell, Kansas City picked a name (the Wizards) already used by another sport’s team (Washington)! Given those crummy names, I’d rather have the faux European names. Some options for future MSL sides:

    Dynamo Miami; Seattle Rovers; Minnnesota Wanderers; Atlanta Hotspur; and of course, Olympique Baltimore.

    I have a whole theory on why soccer hasn’t yet caught on, but why it will if given enough time. But that’s for another post…


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  2. Sir Lance:
    I’ll give you a reason why MLS hasn’t caught on–because Eurosnobs like you will only watch “pure” European football. Traitor. 

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  3. Not true! Well, sort of. I’ve tried to watch MLS games, and since I’ve come back from Italy I’ve seen about 3-4 a year. Trouble is, I’ve had trouble finding a team to root for. For me, I’ve found that I can’t just ‘pick’ a team– it has to pick me. When I went to Italy I decided that I’d root for Milan (little did I know…). But after a few weeks, I found that my heart really tugged me to root for Inter. (Doubtless, if Fiorentina were actually solvent and playing, I’d have rooted for them– alas!)

    When I watch, it’s usually DC United– partly for locale and partly for Mr. Adu (AKA The Guy Who Wins Us a World Cup). Still, I haven’t been tugged there, yet. I really hoped that Oklahoma (preferrably Tulsa, since Oklahoma City sucks) would get a franchise– that’d really turned me onto it. But alas again.

    So I’m still searching, but I haven’t given up. And when it comes to international play, I’m 100% USA (well, 99.9%, with 0.1% for Italy…) 

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