Ireland named "best country"

Headlifers: it’s time to abandon Britain and America. Ireland has been named by the Economist as the ‘best country’ to live in. The USA is 13th, Britain (oh the shame!) 29th. The worst: Zimbabwe.



  1. What’s worse is the French came above us!! (Britain) 

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  2. Italy is 8th. Looks like I’m going to have to cash in on Mrs. Lancer’s citizenship… 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>Lance


  3. This will *really* irritate the nutcase wing of the Northern Irish Unionists (assuming the Economist gets as far as Belfast). So much of their rationale has been based on having higher living standards than the bunch of rebels in the south…it’s been quite apparent that the Republic’s been catching up for some time, so to have the Economist confirming it would be less than helpful. 

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  4. im irish and i knew that ireland was the best way before any economist got to it.we were always better than the brits thats just the way it goes 

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