Cook-esque scorn for the “Special Relationship” is spouted by the Independent “Britain’s inconsequential status had already been made abundantly clear in the preceding press briefing for the White House press corps. Having dealt in short order with Mr Blair’s visit, Scott McClellan, the President’s press secretary, turned to the more newsworthy matter of what to name the two turkeys traditionally pardoned by the President at Thanksgiving.”



  1. I’ll be interested to see what our American contributors think each side gets out of the ‘special relationship’. I listened to a radio interview with Tony Blair yesterday, and was asked what the UK gets out of the special relationship. All he could come up with is ‘the relationship itself’. Most Brits are convinced the relationship goes only one way.  

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  2. I’m not sure any Americans care much for any international relationships– the Right in particular. Except when challenged about unilateralism, that is. Then the administration can mention Tony Blair ad infinitum and the AM radio echo-chamber can repeat it ad nauseam.


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