Harry Reid

Will the real Harry Reid stand up? Various contradictions seem to characterise the new Senate Minority Leader. He’s Mormon but not Republican. He’s a Democrat but opposes abortion and bans on assault weapons. He said in a post-election statement that his priorities include improving the environment and making education and health care affordable. Rush has denounced him as being as “partisan as they come”, Democrats describe his as moderate.

If the Democrats feel the need to shift to the right after the election, Reid may be their man. Liberal Democrats in the Senate are a little worried and have expressed pleasure that Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin, a more outspoken liberal voice, will become the second-ranking Democrat behind Reid. “I feel very comfortable with (Durbin) in a position of influence,” said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J. “So it’s a good team for all of us.”



  1. I’m still too crushed about everything to return my thoughts to politics. But I’ll look into it when I recover. In 2015. 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>Lance


  2. Looks like he’ll do a fine job, from all accounts. And hey, if Rush Limbaugh doesn’t like you, you MUST be doing something right. 

    <><><><>Posted by<><> <><>Rob


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