Squirrels and Flags

Two items of earth-shattering interest:

1. We had a squirrel gnaw its way into our kitchen this morning. We were all reduced to frightened babies until it finally shot through the front door.

2. My son, who was born in Birmingham, England to (very) British parents was awarded a certificate from his school yesterday for “Exemplary Pledge of Allegiance Behavior”. We’re proud of him of course, but we’re thinking of singing “God Save the Queen” every day just to confuse him.



  1. I can vouch for scared kids and adults at our squirrel this morning.
    As for the award – when Jaocb spoke to my parents yesterday he recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance for them word for word! We really DO need to teach him God Save the Queen! 

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  2. Ronan, the squirrels seem to have it out for you! Is there some incident with acorns in your past that we should be aware of? 

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