Burning Guy Fawkes

Today is November 5th. Tonight, throughout Britain bonfires will be lit, effigies burned, and fireworks set off. All to commemorate our most notorious traitor, Guy Fawkes, who in 1605 tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Guy and his fellow Catholic plotters were disgruntled that King James (who was visiting Parliament that day) had not reversed the folly of the Reformation. Guy was caught and executed.

The burning of Catholics continues today it seems:


  1. Funny picture! Being out of the country right now, I miss the smell of the autumn evening mixed with the smell of fireworks on bonfire night. Our house will be burning it’s own cardboard Guy Fawkes tonight though!!

    God save the Queen!!!


  2. So the Head family burned Guy. What a pleasant tradition. 

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  3. Due to the burning, this post reminds me of a saying I heard once:

    “There are three things a man can watch without getting bored. Fire burning, water running and another man working.”

    For now, just watch the bonfire I say. 

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